by INN THE BASEMENT on September 24, 2014

The premiere of BLACK-ISH is tonight at 930pm, and are you tuning in? I am…I just want to see what all this BLACK-ISH is about. At first take, one would think that the show is going to stereotypically talk about how “black” people are, but ABC isn’t that dumb nor are the writers. Upon second take, it’s more a feel of culture in a place where culture may be dying, changing or expanding in a family that is trying to raise children the “right” way.

Whatever the case may be, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross and the kids along with grandfather Laurence Fishburne are going to do it big. I trust that they wouldn’t have taken on a television series without it being up to par and fab.

Much culture has been lost in this great place of America as far as African Americans, but some may even look at it as not being lost, but having evolved into something people would frown on and that some love. The question is…who decides? Is there even a decision to be made, or can we all just be individuals regardless without the big clump in one big massive “this is what black people do”? This series may be a great conversation starter.

Trailer take below.


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