Idris Elba Is ALIVE ALONE While His British Series LUTHER Goes FOX!

by INN THE BASEMENT on November 19, 2014

Idris Elba is at it again with another movie that is on my HIT LIST. It’s titled ALIVE ALONE, and Idris Elba will star as Jamal while I assume it is him who will play the ex detainee from Guantanamo Bay because he wouldn’t be the prostitute on the run from a crime boss, now would he? We shan’t think such things.

Anyway, in case you didn’t get the full run down of the movie in my language, it’s about an ex-detainee straight out of Guantanamo who now has a job as a taxi driver who ends up intermingled with a prostitute that is on the run for her flipping life from some psycho crime boss. (You do have to be psycho, right, if you have a hit out on someone?) This sounds interesting because I’m into the type of movies where things collide, and this one is a collide-ish one, similar to my book FIRST DEGREE SINS. (So what…a shameless plug was in order.)

A fan of Idris Elba is what I am, and it’s not because of his looks which are easy on the eyes.  He has true talent and that only makes him even more fantastic but still… off that.  This is a thriller in which the Dris will toss it up with actor Noomi Rapace of PROMETHEUS.  Dig that?  Is she the prostitute?  Maybe…but her name in this role is Sarah.  (Yeah, she’s gotta be the prostitute with that name…innocent irony?)

Well, there we have it.  This seems like it’s a real boss thriller, so in the name of all thrillers like I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE… (yeah another shameless plug), let’s do it!  By the way, since we are on this thriller seeking ex detainee thing with the Dris, he’s also starring in a movie titled BASTILLE DAY which is due out in 2016 sometime. I believe in the summer of that year.  It’s some CIA and artist go on a stop the terrorist type deal that takes place in France, co starring Richard Madden of GAME OF THRONES.

Did you happen to hear about this by the way?  Luther is getting a remake…on FOX!  Luther just happened to be one of the best British TV dramas starring the Dris, and Elba will also be on as executive producer with Neil Cross.  Yaass!  So, based on his upcoming movie picks, this is definitely the type of role that he digs…and we dig him.

WWE…WE WATCH ELBA.  We shall watch…we shall, shan’t we?



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