BLACK-ISH – ABC’s TV Series That Brings Conversation of RACE & CULTURE Home In Comedy

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 25, 2014

It’s what everyone has been asking for. It’s something that has plagued this country since it’s foundation when it was stripped from Native Americans. That something is the conversation about race, and more pointedly, being black … or black-ish… which is the name of ABC’s new show starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne.

If you watched the BLACK-ISH last night, there were many things said that could have triggered your defenses, gotten you angry or had you nodding or shaking your head. If any of those emotional gestures became overwhelming while anyone else was in the room, there was a conversation that started…hopefully to end well because after all, it is a comedy.

121From the “black-ish” son wanting to play hockey and the friend coming to look into the refrigerator for grape soda because supposedly black people have that all the time (new one for me and I’m as black as black can get), there was plenty opportunity for both white and black people to see racism and stereotypical race related actions from various points of view on their television screens. Some people may have even seen themselves which gets an applause because it’s hard to pull a television show off like this, from this angle and have it be successful.

On twitter, I got more likes than dislikes. There were some people that wouldn’t even give it a chance. Overall, many agreed that Black-ish is a likeable show that leads to good discussion.

Black-ish is a show that audiences will either love or hate, and of course, all opinions are based on perspective…similar to the multitude of perspectives in the show. If you plan on watching, be ready, because this is the conversation that many have had, need to have, or just don’t want to have when watching an entertaining television show.

As for me, I’m giving Black-ish a go. Never know what will happen…and remember, it is a comedy-ish.


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