And They Gave HARRISON The Proper Burial… #SCANDAL Season 4 Premiere

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 26, 2014

Scandal the fourth season premiered last night to gladiators all over, and it all started at the beach on some island off the coast of I missed it.  Regardless of where Olivia Pope was, her other main (unmarried) squeeze was there, Jake of the B13 tribe.  It looks like they hit it off in more ways than one, but he’s still pulled into begging her to move on with her life and leave the White House of whores horrors alone.  Of course, Olivia can’t leave it alone because we all know that she makes the show go round, and as a writer myself, even I know she must return.

Here is the thing I wanted to dig on…Harrison aka the real Columbus Short.  I put it out there on twitter – how many people still consider Short a gladiator?  Amazingly, the majority of people stated that he will forever be a gladiator, although he was fired from the show.  I show applause to the tweeps as I played non-gladiator advocate for a minute.  Many of them want Columbus Short back on the show, and feels he deserves it because he played his part far too well.  Actually, we were just now getting into some story line for the man, when pow.  He was out.

To me, the show was devoted to giving the three season gladiator a descent and deserved farewell.  I mean, what type of gladiators would they be if they just skimmed over his ceremony with a yada yada?  Exactly.  Actually, out of all the people who have died on the show, he was the only one who got that much a home going!  That means, he pulled some heavy rank.  So question is…do we think Short was happy when he threw his Scandal party in Atlanta?  We thinks so.

There are some people who believe since there was no dead body then Harrison will show back up.  I don’t think so because if he does, then they will have to put Olivia in on it somehow in the story and she would have to be behind his disappearance.  Why?  Because she had the news delivered to her.  It was a shock to everyone else, thus, she acts shocked while out of town, yet knowing all along.  That would be a complete twist.

Overall, President Fitz’ wife played her role down!  She did excellent walking around in that somewhat of a mess and sipping on shade when she hit Fitz with an I-don’t-believe-anything-you-say-slap with her words when he said he wouldn’t be seeing Olivia.  The lies.  At that particular point, Mellie was over it…and them.  She should have just had a CHILE BYE stamped on her forehead and left to go find Harrison.

I can’t wait for episode 2!  Scandal gladiator for life.


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