Woman Accusing CEE LO GREEN Of Sexual Assault Says He Slipped Her ECSTASY And She Blacked Out!

by INN THE BASEMENT on November 2, 2012

Alright so this whole accusation of Cee Lo Green has gone further than what I originally thought it would go. According to TMZ, Cee Lo Green’s accuser is stating that while they were out to eat in an L.A. Sushi restaurant, Cee Lo Green slipped her something that knocked her out because she remembers nothing except waking up in a room with Cee Lo Green.

From there, the accuser alleges she went to the cops, both her and the cops got Cee Lo on the phone, actually recording him admitting to giving her ecstasy. Of course, Cee Lo didn’t know he was being recorded when he allegedly admitted to the whole ecstasy drug slip.

Anyway, for now Cee Lo Green could be led into a bunch of trouble for this, but he denies that there was any wrongdoing at all on his part and has denied from the beginning. As a matter of fact, he said this last visit to that Sushi place was three months back.


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