Whitney Houston NO MONEY AND BROKE Rumors A LIE Claims Rep!

by INN THE BASEMENT on January 24, 2012

There was someone fishing in Whitney Houston’s wallet over the weekend obviously, and when they looked inside, they saw nothing and decided to put out a ridiculous rumor that Whitney Houston was broke.  Well, that turns out to be just what it sounded like when it hit, a big lie, and Whitney’s rep spoke on it!

Who could imagine Whitney Houston broke? Not I, but some believe that she is very much so, but Houston’s rep has come out knocking the ill rumors about Whitney’s monetary situation down calling it “totally false and ridiculous.  She just made a movie with Jordin Sparks — Sparkle.'”

Actually, Whitney Houston is executive producer and acting in this film as well, thus, not broke at all.  The claims were that Whitney has to even borrow a couple hundred dollars while everyone big around her in the industry is supporting her as if she is a child begging for money.

And to those who believed that one… With just her name alone, if Whitney Houston needed the cash, she could get paid for a tell a bit more than we already know interview that would set her off more money that a couple hundred.  Believe that.  If not, she needs to hire me. #hustle


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