View More Sparkle Promo Photos Of Jordin Sparks With Co-Stars Carmen Ejogo And Tika Sumpter!

by INN THE BASEMENT on March 16, 2012

More promotional photos of Jordin Sparks starring in the upcoming movie Sparkle are revealed, and the movie still looks fantastic along with co-stars!

Jordin Sparks poses with co-stars just as amazing looking Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter dressed in glittering black on stage while in the next photo, all three are captured in a joyful scene. Derek Luke is also sitting curb side along with Jordin Sparks in one new promo pic.

The Whitney Houston Jordin Sparks Sparkle promo pic was the first to arrive weeks ago in January, prior to Houston’s death.

Sparkle is about some young singing sensations that claimed fame, however, along with claiming the fame, habits such as addictions and so forth fell onto the spotlight as well.  Sparkle will release to theaters on August 17th.

Jordin Sparks attended the 2012 Steve Harvey Disney Dreamers Academy and spoke of her youthful dreams of wanting to be able to share her story to encourage other children to achieve their dreams.

“All I wanted to do when I was younger, all I wanted to do was sing. I just wanted to sing my song, and I just wanted to go and tell stories and now it’s turned into this whole thing where people are watching and looking at my story and going ‘I can do that‘…”

Below are both the VHS and the DVD 1976 original Sparkle movies, and 2012s Sparkle is sticking to the original glam!  Going to really love this movie -again!  Getting back to Jordin Sparks though, drop down to see her latest AT&T commercial – funny!

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