Terrence Howard Accuses Estranged Wife Of Being Racist, Planning To Have Him Assassinated By Russians!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 20, 2011

Terrence Howard is dragging his soon to be ex-wife, Michelle, through the mud in divorce proceedings as being a racist that hates black people using insults such as the N-Word and monkey on the regular, on top of threatening to have Russians take him out!

According to court documents fished up by TMZ, Howard claims that Michelle even threatened to have him killed, I assume Training Day style, by some dog on Russians because allegedly she told Howard that she would have him “clipped”.

Terrence Howard, who is starring as Macbett in the upcoming Shakespeare Macbeth remake Caribbean style with Sanaa Lathan, is basically stating that Michelle went coo-coo for clipping in threats of killing him and didn’t even want to be step parent to a bunch of black kids either.

Wow! On that note, this is already a MESS. Dearly beloved…


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