Tameka Raymond LOSES CUSTODY Of Children To Usher!

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 24, 2012

Tameka Foster Raymond has officially had a terrible run of things over the last months.  Her son died after a jet ski accident and weeks later, she loses her other children in a custody battle to R&B singer Usher.  For months now, those two have gone back and forth, and I chose not to follow behind to closely because that type of thing is never  a walk in the park nor easy for a loving heart on either side.

Now that the judgment has come down, Usher wins pretty much all control and even how much and how often Tameka can see/spend time with her children.  Can I imagine the extra pain going on inside her body?  Nope.  All I can say is that prayerfully, her and Usher come to a great place where the children won’t miss out on their mother nor father in their lives.  Really, the children are who matter here.  Usher and Tameka can live without each other, but the children are depending on the both of them always being there.  Now that they have lost their brother, this time is very tender, I would think, to have to ‘lose’ being with mom.

Prayers for the kids and to the parents that they make the right decisions concerning them.


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