Stacey Francis Sets Record As Straight As She Can About Whitney Houston Tiff!

by INN THE BASEMENT on February 17, 2012

Stacey Francis goes on with Dr. Drew to set the record straight about what happened with her and Whitney Houston at the pre-grammy party before Whitney Houston died. First off, there are rumors that Stacey got into an altercation with Whitney Houston, however, according to Stacey, everything has been blown out of proportion.

Basically Stacey Francis, the X-Factor contestant with the big voice, states that her and Whitney Houston were having a good time when she believes that Whitney Houston snapped, which ended up a big misunderstanding. Unfortunately, this one is about to follow Francis for a loooonnng time, and it would have been better if she never even said anything about what happened in that pre-grammy party between herself and Whitney at all, especially now that Whitney is deceased.

It just won’t sit well with anyone as even in this interview, it is insinuated that there was some drug addict habit going on in Houston’s personality which isn’t cool to discuss at this point in time at all.  People are not going to take this well because there is a time and place…


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