RUMOR KILL! Halle Berry NOT Engaged Despite RING On The FING!!

by INN THE BASEMENT on January 12, 2012

Okay so look.  I strayed away from talking the talk of Halle Berry actually being engaged to Olivier Martinez only because I would hate if she is engaged to someone right now because she needs BREATHE time. Secondly, neither one of them, Halle nor Martinez, confirmed the engagement.  Come to find out – Halle Berry IS NOT ENGAGED TO Olivier Martinez – just committed.

Let me back up a bit, I’m not even certain about this story out of TMZ, but it’s a probable one, and the only reason I can’t dive on this is because “sources” say, and sources can say whatever they wanna say at any time. Point is, I lean more with these cats TMZ heard from because the ring might not mean a thing!

People are strange and wear rings for commitment and other things, but to be engaged, I just can’t see Halle doing that again. She’s down on her luck, even with Olivier, and if I could predict (and I can’t but still), these two won’t do the death do you part thing. Instead, if they did marry, it will be til divorce do us part.

Again, word is that Halle Berry is not engaged, and this is the route I have taken from the start.  Just can’t believe that I will see her in a wedding gown or in the courthouse saying I DO.  If she is, I need to be in the crowd to stop the whole thing.

According to TMZ, marriage could come later, but there was no proposal basically and they are not engaged – just committed.


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