Rohan Marley Calls WYCLEF JEAN A LIAR About Daddy Details Of Lauryn Hill’s First Baby!

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 24, 2012

The drama continues with Lauryn Hill in the middle. Turns out that Rohan Marley is calling Wyclef Jean out about the message he is sending to the masses about Lauryn Hill making him believe that Clef was the father of her child in his new book Purpose.

Marley claims that Wyclef Jean knew that Lauryn’s child wasn’t his and that they’d already stopped their fling before Hill and Marley even hooked up. As a matter of fact, Marley states that at the time of the pregnancy, both he and Wyclef knew it was Marley’s baby! So did Wyclef LIE for sales of his memoir Purpose?

According to Marley, that’s what happened. Marley even says to TMZ that Wyclef was the one who hooked them up. Whatever the case may be, the story is out there now, and it will has definitely caused more a Fugees division than ever before. No matter what, the whose baby is it story is old because all that mess is over now, and now that shade is being thrown at Jean’s story in Purpose, we’ll see how far this goes.


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