R&B Singer El DeBarge Escapes Drug Charges!

by INN THE BASEMENT on March 22, 2012

People are praying for El DeBarge because he just got off with a major drug accusation!  Earlier in the week, El DeBarge was arrested and booked for intent to distribute drugs in California to some dude.  Well, because of the lack of evidence being that the cops found drugs in the area and not on El, the charges were dropped.

Yes, the drugs were not on El.  Ummm, that means how on earth do you book someone…  Anyway, the dude that DeBarge was allegedly selling it to swears up and down that El DeBarge was getting it to him, but turns out that it isn’t enough evidence, according to TMZ.

El DeBarge, don’t run stop signs, bump into strangers on the street or look in plastic or brown bags.  Things you don’t do in “recovery”.


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