Nick Cannon Reveals Being Diagnosed With Lupus Type Autoimmune Disease…

by INN THE BASEMENT on March 2, 2012

Unfortunately, the hard working Nick Cannon has to put the brakes on many activities as he has finally revealed that the reason he has had blood clots in his lungs and mild kidney failure.  That reason is a lupus type autoimmune disease that will force him to get more rest and eat right.

Apparently, Nick Cannon is the very first person in his family to receive this type of diagnosis, and as a new father surely this is upsetting. Cannon, however, is a winner and will take the necessary steps to improve his overall health, and that means getting a full six or more hours of sleep a night and taking it easy, according to People Magazine.

Nick Cannon knows that he is “blessed to be alive“, as there are plenty people with blood clots and kidney disorders that die. Thankfully, his issue was caught in time by the grace of God.


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