Nick Cannon Goes HOOD On Chelsea Handler From Twitter!

by INN THE BASEMENT on January 23, 2012

Nick Cannon has gone off, or for more Nick Cannon words, gone HOOD on Chelsea Handler on twitter again because Chelsea must have opened up her mouth and degraded Mariah Carey once more.

Thing is, Nick Cannon is going to do what he will do, kidney issues or not, for his wife, but he maybe could take a step back and remember – celebrities are bound to be attacked, thus, cool it down and ignore.

The more Nick Cannon can ignore any stabs at his wife, the less stabs there will be.  I expect Nick to defend his wife on the streets more, not on twitter streets or talk show streets – unless it’s a direct call in at that moment.  Other than that, whatever.  Love Nick, but he doesn’t have to respond to Mariah hate all the time because like he said “when miserable people see happiness, they attack”.  Leave it at that UNLESS someone gets BOUT IT BOUT IT!

Since he did though…Nick Cannon says that sometimes that HOOD comes out when it’s about his family!

Another pointer… the word sh– and Jesus shouldn’t EVEN go in the same sentence with MY CUP RUNNING OVER!  No sir and no ma’am.  Might catch diarrhea.



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