Need A Mansion? Halle Berry’s Home Of BRAWL Is Up For Sale!

by INN THE BASEMENT on November 29, 2012


In a not so amazing turn of events, Halle Berry’s home – the mansion where her ex, Gabriel Aubry, and her new man, Olivier Martinez, got into a brawl which left Martinez with a busted hand and Aubry with a not so handsome model’s face – is now on sale for $15 million dollars, according to TMZ.

Before we all think that Halle Berry is just that emotional to put her house up for sale because of a fight, she’d already done so weeks before the big brawl.  The fact that the mansion is on sale wasn’t advertised at all, and being that this is Halle Berry, we understand why.  The rest of her life is put on blast for the media, so why would she want speculation behind a BIG MOVE (and it will be a big move out of Hollywood Hills).

Of course, I went on a walk through, and it wasn’t big enough for me, so I’ll leave it to the next woman.  Either way it sells, it’s a great investment being the historical spot where the Oscar winner’s men got into a brawl.  See mansion here.


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