Michael Ealy Is No Longer SINGLE Because HE GOT MARRIED!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 20, 2012

Ealy and wife

As I was eating my lunch, I about choked when I found out that Michael Ealy has been married since OCTOBER!  YES!  Believe it because Ealy’s rep has confirmed all the madness great news.

Her name is Khatira Rafiqzada, and she is who Michael Ealy has fallen madly in love with beneath all the hoopla of the public eye.  A sneaky lil fellow we know, but it’s no surprise that he doesn’t like the public all in his 411.  Anyway, she’s 31 years old and has been with Ealy, according to People, for four years.  Who knew? Not me.

So look, this is great news although one of the sexy has been snagged from the single women who pass out at the sight of the M. to the E.  If you’re wishing he didn’t share the news, too bad.  It’s all out there, and the two make a cute couple, therefore, I say CONGRATS!  This is not a time for SMHLE (Shake My Head Like the Exorcist).  May God bless their union, they have beautiful children…and for the upcoming generation of ladies, may one of their babies be a boy that looks just like dear ole dad.  Poor Khatira will go insane.

Photo source: People

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