Maria Shriver To Give Arnold Schwarzenegger Another Shot?!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 26, 2011

Divorces are nasty either way one looks at it, and in the case of former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his soonabe ex wife Shriver, matters are looking like a bowl of great chocolate and hard doo-doo all the way around.  Basically, Maria reportedly may want Arnold back in her life – AS HUSBAND!

The great chocolate of the whole Schwarzenegger back with Shriver is this – there will be no divorce, thus, the family remains in tack, defeats all odds and maids, coming against their union. The devil is defeated, and Maria Shriver’s religious beliefs remain steady.

The hard constipated doo-doo is that she will have to deal with this mess face to face for a very long time until God lifts that emotional burden. A broken heart is a mess, so to move away for space is a great thing which could potentially help the healing process. Maria has already done this, but now to have him back?? Not so sure if it’s the right thing to do so soon but it’s an idea that outs divorce.

I’m not on the fence about any of it.  It’s Shriver’s decision and should be respected.  Too often do people get a divorce and then wind up with double the trouble in a different body.  Truth is, whoever is doing all the messing up should get some serious counseling with Jesus – like One on one – and make a decision to shun all other partners. This was a total mess, but Shriver is a strong woman if she leaves or stays.  Weakness doesn’t fall her way because she could potentially have very valid reasons for doing either.


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