Katt Williams’ SLAP REFLEX Allegedly Caused By TARGET Employee Calling Him The N-Word!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 20, 2012

Katt Williams


Not too long ago, Katt Williams executed a mighty slap across a male Target employee’s face during a very short conversation. From there, the Target employee was released, or terminated, from the retail store without a reason being stated, leaving everyone wondering hmmm.

Now, Katt Williams has stated that the employee called him the N-word, and this is why he slapped in dead in his face, according to TMZ and the video where Katt Williams tells his audience what happened.

I just don’t know about this one because the past actions are so stacked against Katt Williams right now, from drawing guns and high speed chases. Iffffff  the Target employee did call Katt the N-word, he should have gotten fired…and that slap can be overlooked, too.  However, it doesn’t appear like the N-Word went dow, but who knows but the ex-employee and Katt.

Classic my word against your word.

Photo source: Katt Williams Facebook

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