Kardashians’ Former Maid About To Dish Family Goods And WORSTS In New Tell All Book!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 29, 2011

People really can’t keep their mouths shut when there is money and mud involved, and the Kardashian’s former maid named Pam Behan, who happens to be the author of this yet unsold but shopped tell all book, clearly has much mud to smear on the Kardashian’s family fame and name.

Speak of the devil and the devil will bring up your past. This is what could possibly happen to the Kardashians when former maid Behan surfaces with the new tell all book, trashing Kris’ sons while also talking about the girls’, Kourtney and Kim, private issues, according to TMZ.

What a mess it is. Honestly, though, whatever. It’s too bad this book will bomb before it hits shelves unless it has stuff that we all don’t already know inside. Just stating that the Kard boys were bad and the girls had secrets is pretty tell all BORING because what boys aren’t bad and what people don’t have secrets – especially when the maid writing this tell all reportedly was helped out of jail for a DUI by Bruce?

Puh-lease!  Who is worst – the boys or the grown woman with the DUI?  Next…FAIL.

UPDATE: The author of this tell all book is now revealing that she isn’t bashing the Kardashians in the book and the boys, though once rude, grew out of it and became great men. – TMZ


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