Jordin Sparks Glams Out On New Sparkle Movie Poster!

by INN THE BASEMENT on April 26, 2012

Jordin Sparks takes over the new Sparkle movie poster that has released. Starring everyone from the late Whitney Houston, Mike Epps, and Derek Luke, Jordin Sparks makes like the most wanted diva backdropped with black as she dons a red gown of sparkles.

Sparkle opens to theaters in August (17) thankfully, since the untimely death of Whitney Houston.  Many thought that the movie would end up at a halt, however, Whitney had already finished her role on set.

Not only is this Sparkle shot amazing, but Jordin Sparks has also gone BeBe with her knack for the camera in a Sparkle inspired photoshoot with the retailer.  She even gives us a sneak peek!

Likes? Well, Jordin’s a natural. Can’t wait to see the ads!


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