It’s Concrete For The Late Whitney Houston….

by INN THE BASEMENT on April 30, 2012

There have been guards guarding Whitney Houston’s body from sun up to sun down since her death, and that’s more protection than she got while she was alive.  It’s not about her body, but what’s on her body.  There has apparently been a decision made to encase Whitney Houston in concrete to prevent robbers from stealing the super high priced jewelry that was buried with the worldwide superstar.

Whitney Houston is a legend, therefore, it isn’t out of the ordinary for someone to crossed over and topped charts to be buried with jewels that amount to nearly one million dollars.  What so many could do with those jewels…  It’s that thought that has the family frantic, wanting to cement in the diva.

Good idea?  Maybe.  If the likelihood of stolen jewels and tampering with her body will be decreased to place Cissy at ease, then by all means.  They probably should have thought about that when they dressed her, though.


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