Halle Berry Planning To Part With America And Live In FRANCE With Nahla!

by INN THE BASEMENT on February 9, 2012

Halle Berry is planning on a judge allowing her to move to Europe which is an ocean away from Nahla’s dad, Gabriel Aubry!  Questions arise – is this to spite Aubry or to expand her business?

How much do ya wanna bet this move won’t happen without catches? According to TMZ, Halle Berry has filed papers to move to France, away from Nahla’s father, and while in France, Halle will continue her relationship with Olivier Martinez whom she isn’t yet married to in the first place. This is some crap waiting to happen right here.

Halle Berry is continuing on in relationship after relationship and can’t get the former one straight!  This is too much. There was also a ring that most thought to be an engagement ring on her finger (by many sites but not this one), purchased and given to her by Martinez. C ome to find out it was just as I thought, just a ring – no engagement attached.

I honestly don’t know where this next move to France relationship will head, but from past relationships, the future doesn’t look brighter than all the rest – especially if this move is to spite Aubry and the chatter is correct.

There is another reason why Halle Berry may want to move to Europe though that is getting overlooked.  She has stared a shoe line in Germany that hits this spring.  Certainly people will wonder whether or not this whole venture with Deichman shoe company is a part of this whole plan to get away, but the fact of the matter is that Halle is starting her own fashion that will be sold in Europe, thus, reason to move.


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