Gabrielle Union Talks Not Letting Media TRASH Whitney Houston And ‘Black’ Love With D. Wade Plus More!

by INN THE BASEMENT on February 14, 2012

Gabrielle Union took part in the pre-Grammy celebrations, and after the night went to shambles with the sad news of Whitney passing, Gabrielle as many other feel the need to speak up of the real Whitney Houston and not allow the media to TRASH her name, thus, the interview with TT Torrez after the jump!

Off the top, TT Torrez asks Union about the night of Whitney’s passing, and what disgusted her the most was watching television and hearing reporters talk about the late singer in such a negative way as if it wasn’t surprising that she died. This is why Gabrielle Union feels it’s necessary to talk about how she was amongst people, and not just from the outside looking in.

Also, Union drops a load about her relationship with Dwayne Wade, so listen up!


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