Fantasia Being Cheated On? Antwaun Cook Can CHEAT On No One But HIS REAL WIFE!

by INN THE BASEMENT on January 19, 2012

Okay so all these stories are flying around about Fantasia’s “man” or “ex-man” cheating on her, and how Antwaun Cook has been doing it all along.  Problem with this dumb situation is that people actually believe that Fantasia is being cheated on!  Uhhh…no.  It was Paula and and always been Paula Cook, Antwaun’s wife whom he isn’t divorced from yet, that he has cheated on.  No one else.

Amazingly, Antwaun Cook has somehow become Fanny’s manny and no one else’s.  Homey has kids and a wife still, yet, he is still considered to be reportedly CHEATING on Fantasia.  Fantasia isn’t even in the running for being cheated on because Cook isn’t and has never been legally hers.  I could care less what’s going on with those two people, really, but whenever I chime in on it, it’s because I DONE READ something DUMB.

The end…  By the way, catch the clip of Wendy Williams telling Fantasia that she’s basically chasing a hopeless cause.  Unless Cook is DIVVVVVVV-ORRRRCED, he stands a cheat on his wife, not Fantasia.  Fantasia is uhh…a concubine without the wealthy man.


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