FALSE ALARM – Katherine Jackson NOT MISSING!

by INN THE BASEMENT on July 23, 2012

Alright, so all weekend there was startling news that the mother of the famous Jacksons, Katherine Jackson, had gone missing for days, with no one having heard from her.  Well, all that speculation of her whereabouts has come to a end, as it is reported that Katherine is fine and staying with family members according to TMZ.

All the hoopla came when Katherine’s nephew filed a missing person’s report after not being able to locate her.  This sent everyone, including the media, into a frenzy, but all is well.  The first thing I stated when I saw the news about Katherine Jackson possibly being missing, I couldn’t believe it.  EVERYONE knows her from this side of the globe to the other side of the globe as Michael Jackson’s mom.  Just to go missing would be totally odd without anyone spotting her right off the top.

That was my thought, and I guess my thought was right.  Anyway, Jermaine Jackson has verified that his mom was ordered by docs to get some rest following an appointment, so that’s what she has been doing.


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