Etta James’ Doctor Reports Etta As Terminally Sick With Leukemia And Other Issues, Needs Prayer!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 16, 2011

Legendary Blues singer Etta James is reportedly terminally ill as of two weeks ago as reported by her live in doctor Elaine James who wants to get the word out about the singer’s ailments so that people, fans can pray for her.

Etta James, who also has kidney disease as well as reported dementia, is also suffering from incurable chronic leukemia, and the doctor doesn’t know how long James actually has, thus requesting prayers on every side to keep Etta James alive.

“At the present time, Etta is considered terminally ill. This classification in her care actually occurred about two weeks ago…based on three physicians, one was the hematologist/oncologist that has been treating her for the last year, and the other gentleman is an intern at one of the local hospitals where she frequently gets admitted.” – Dr. Elaine James

Dr. James also stated that Etta James is generally asleep, wakes up occasionally, and even refuses to eat at times. The doctor also confirms that Etta James has a multitude of health issues contributing to her condition, so much so that it would take 24 different specialists to manage her!

All of this is so unfortunate, however, prayer changes things, including those things that seem impossible.  At the Dr.’s request, let’s all pray for Etta James and to hear the full report, visit Press-Enterprise for the full doctor’s report.


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