Cuba Gooding Jr Allegedly SHOVES Female Bartender; Warrant Issued For His ARREST ON SIGHT!

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 1, 2012

Cuba Gooding Jr., who is starring in upcoming film The Butler, has a warrant out of his arrest after he allegedly shoved a female bartender twice when she asked him to leave a bar on New Orleans’s Bourbon Street.  Allegedly, Cuba Gooding Jr. got upset with patrons were going fan crazy after recognizing who he was and wanted to take photos and more of the normal things fans do.

Well, he got angry allegedly and started causing a commotion, swearing and more, until the bartender had to request he leave the place.  Cuba then allegedly shoved her twice and left before the cops came.  Now, this means an arrest must be made.  Cuba may as well turn himself in and tell his story, find out if there will be any charges and then take them or fight them.  Regardless, he has got to go.


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