Brad Pitt Covers W Magazine Talking Crying, Dying And Rejection In Film!

by INN THE BASEMENT on January 13, 2012

Brad Pitt, the man who has decided to retire from acting at 50 years old, is covering W Magazine February 2012 issue looking quite right, and discusses movies that make him cry, dying on film and wanting to die again, along with one of the first rejections he got as a beginning actor when he was told he should try acting classes!

Meanwhile, there is this story of Angelina Jolie crying a river in the shower, and Brad Pitt rescued her. Well, it didn’t quite happen like that, but he did catch her drowning in sorrow over what Jolie describes herself as an “emotional breakdown” over her directorial debut The Land of Blood And Honey.

Because if was such a change from being in front of the cameras to now behind the cameras, the pressure took it’s toll. Word is though, the movie is hot. The trailer sure is.


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