Bobbi Kristina Engaged To Marry FORMER ‘Brother’ Nick Gordon?

by INN THE BASEMENT on March 15, 2012

It’s already happening, and I feel so bad for the family again.  Bobbi Kristina and her “brother” are in a relationship…like dating.  His name is Nick Gordon, pictured above just the other day, and even taped kissing.  But now go ahead and have a massive throat clog at the supposed engagement ring on Bobbi Kristina’s finger!

Grown people do what grown people do is what I say, but all this info coming out right after Whitney Houston passes is what I consider a foshonuff mess. Sure, people can call it incest, but technically, it’s not. Nick wasn’t even a step child. He was more like a live in mate.

Whatever…I can’t spin this news any better. It is what it is. Messy.  TMZ has the photo of the ring on Bobbi’s finger, but whatever.  I can’t.


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