Bench Warrant Issued For Comedian Katt Williams Because Nothing’s Funny To The Judge!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 12, 2012

A warrant has been issued for Kat Williams’ arrest.  I don’t know what to say about this one because I only wished someone had issued him some meds BEFORE these multiple arrests and smacks to the face happened.  There is clearly a backlog of issues going on with the comedian that he can’t handle, therefore, it isn’t funny.

With all the things that have happened to Katt Williams over the last couple of weeks, the last thing we need is another headline where the outcome is worse than whatever and better than whoever.  So this bench warrant comes out of Seattle, according to TMZ, because Katt didn’t show for his talk with the court for a pool cue hit and a cigarette to the eye of a woman.  His lawyers were there, but the judge wanted to see Katt.  Thus the warrant.

Simply Katting, show up in court.  Drop the madness, take the heat and please stay out of the kitchen.


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