A Faizon Love Story – Katt Williams Pulled UNLOADED Gun On HIM!

by INN THE BASEMENT on October 19, 2012

So TMZ has the scoop about the arrest of Katt Williams earlier this week when reports were that he pulled a gun on someone at or near Supperclub.  Turns out that he allegedly brandished an unloaded gun at comedian and actor Faizon Love, and according to Love, the whole thing went down over an argument about Katt Williams allegedly owing him 50 thousand dollars.

As the story goes from TMZ, Love and Williams began talking the money when Katt lost it and pulled the gun.  Faizon Love’s friend yanked the gun from Katt, found that it was unloaded, gave it back to Katt and then Love and his friends went into the club.  Moments later, Katt was arrested, but Love states he didn’t call the cops.

That’s part of the story and Katt Williams hasn’t verified anything yet.


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