Taye Diggs Goes Duracell With NY Giants, Rumored To Star With Gabrielle Union As MR. DOULA In New Movie

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 3, 2014

Times are a bit hectic for the star of The Best Man and guest star on The Good Wife, Taye Diggs, but in between time, Taye Diggs suited up for some time on the football field with Duracell and the NY Giants to discover how everything worked together to make the game happen for us all.

Of course, Taye Diggs plugged his current situation as far as his personal life near the end of the interview as he stated he is trying to get as much time in with his son as much as possible between takes of The Good Wife. It was reported a while back that Taye Diggs landed this role, but I don’t exactly know what his role will be in The Good Wife. That has yet to be seen on September 21st.

Meanwhile, we can count on knowing full well his role in the upcoming film, The Best Man Wedding set to release in 2016.

Speaking of movie roles, what exactly is a doula? Well it’s a person who assists in childbirth, and there is word that Taye Diggs is Mr. Doula in an upcoming flick. This isn’t in stone, but if all things pan out as speculated, Taye Diggs and Gabrielle Union along with John Witherspoon are to star in the movie titled Mr. Doula.

Supposedly, there is supposed to be a tug of war somewhere with Mr. Doula, his ex and his current girlfriend, so we’ll see if this movie comes to pass with the rumored actors.

Oh yea, congrats to Gabrielle Union on her marriage to Dwyane Wade!


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