“You Don’t Execute Me Because You Had a Bad Day.” – Benjamin Crump, the Slain Michael Brown Civil Rights Attorney

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 17, 2014

“I put my hands in the air. You don’t execute me because you had a bad day. When I put my hands in the air, you don’t decide to be judge, jury and executioner on that day.”

These are the words of attorney Benjamin Crump as he represents the family of Michael Brown, the young man slain by a police officer as witnesses state that Brown was in surrender when the officer shot him multiple times to death. For those who don’t know the law, whether a person is innocent or guilty of a crime, if in fact the person being pursued is in a state of surrender, it is always illegal to shot the suspect. ALWAYS. According to witnesses, Michael Brown was shot to death while he was in surrender.

At a rally, the parents of the slain approached the mic as Attorney Benjamin Crump and explained in due process that “you don’t leave my body on the concrete for four hours…that ain’t due process. That ain’t dignity…”

Everyone has seen the footage of how the police leaked footage of an alleged robbery involving Michael Brown which had nothing to do with him being gunned down.  It was actually a totally separate incident which leads most to believe that it was a character assassination on Brown (the slain).  The Missouri police were advised not to release the footage of the video, but did anyway.  This caused much more of an outcry of injustice.  (Video here)

The bottom line is this – Hands Up, Gunned Down.  Crime or no crime, both have the option to surrender.  According to witnesses, Brown was in surrender, and he had no weapon on him in which to threaten the police officer.  Prayers to the  family.


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