The Late Teen, Michael Brown, Shot Six Times; Twice In The Head

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 18, 2014

The Brown family ordered their own private autopsy of their son, Michael Brown, who was gunned down by a police officer as witnesses say, he was in surrender.  According to the autopsy report ordered, Brown was shot six times which is an unnecessary use of force for someone not only in surrender, but not carrying any weapon at all.

Two of the bullets went directly to his head and the other four bullets went to the arm as Brown stood facing the officer.  Brown wasn’t even standing close enough to the shooting officer to pose any harm to him when the officer opened fire, and the autopsy proved this matter.  All this says is that the Missouri police want little information about this death to get out to the public to protect themselves.  Looks like they have a trigger happy officer on their hands who believes that hands up or unarmed means shoot to kill…even from far away.

For more on the autopsy, see CNN.

I doubt that things will change any time soon.  All over the country, many black men are dying because of this “fear of the black man” syndrome that is perpetuated on the streets, movies and families.  Each person is an individual no matter their race.  Every black person isn’t a criminal just as every white person isn’t a criminal.  Good and fair interaction with one another is needed to kill these stereotypes so that people will learn that all lives are precious, no matter what.  People are far too GUN happy instead of PEOPLE happy.


For review, see USA today‘s timeline of events on the Michael Brown death.


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