TEENS IN ACTION: Three Teen Girls Become HEROES After Saving SERVICE DOGS

by INN THE BASEMENT on October 2, 2014

TwinsWith all the bad information swarming the internet and television news about young teens, it’s time to showcase the good teens do in the community.  Some teens have even become heroes to those around them, such as this situation below where three teens, who happen to be my cousins (love them), rescued their neighbor’s dogs from being consumed with smoke and fire.  (If video doesn’t play, click here for the direct news site)

In short, the girls noticed smoke coming from their neighbor’s apartment, and when they went inside, there was a pot on the stove burning.  One of the twins removed the pot and the others searched for the dogs.  All in all, everyone escaped safe and sound, and the girls saved the dogs.


FOX Carolina 21

I don’t have to say more than I am super proud of them because I love all three of them. For those who don’t particularly know what a service dog is and what a huge responsibility they have for their owners, they are dogs that specialize in specific things such as alerting their owner of certain dangers. The dogs are even highly trained to let their owner know that they have a health problem arising like a heart attack, stroke and more by simply smelling them. Basically, service dogs are life savers for their owners, and thanks to these three sisters out of Greenville, SC, they will continue to live life in service to those who love them most.

They truly are teens to watch.


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