Make You Wanna CUSS: Man Kills Two Year Old Daughter, Locked In Car Seat Tossed In Creek…

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 5, 2011

So…I first saw this, though I may have wanted to scream, the mess was so horrific all I could do was fall silent in my anger.  A dad is presumed to have killed his own 2 year old daughter by strapping her in a car seat, anchoring the car seat with a car jack, and then throwing her in a creek.  Top it off, he did it while the poor child was alive and alert.

Of course, it makes anyone on the face on the planet that has a SOUL want to cuss! Dude’s name is Author Morgan III and according to reports, dude lost his job and was arguing with the baby’s mom over seeing the child.  When dude finally gets the child, he kills her after making everyone believe they were going to the movies.  After killing his own flesh and blood baby, he flees to California from New Jersey where he was arrested on murder charges.

Dude is up in the courtroom like he needs his face slapped to wake the flip up!  No remorse at all it seems.  Wow.  Hide your kids from monsters.  May baby girl, Tierra Morgan-Glover rest with God, her True Father, finally to find out what true love is.


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