Ebola Fear Results In Attack On Ebola Facility In Liberia

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 18, 2014

Ebola is such a potentially deadly disease that is easily spread from one person to another through bodily fluids, it has brought on a massive scare in Liberia. The fear is so terrible that the Liberian Ebola facility has been attacked because, according to CNN, the attackers were afraid and didn’t want the facility there. The facility was basically looted, and Ebola patients who were there being treated, ran for their lives. Because of this, I fear that the disease is likely to spread even more in the area where over one thousand people already are diagnosed with the harmful disease.

On a better note, the drug, ZMapp, that was given to the doctors in the USA that contracted the disease are doing much better. Liberia has requested that drug, according to the report, and should be getting more sent their way.

Exactly what is Ebola? It’s a virus that causes flu like symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle pain, except along with these, there is bleeding inside and outside of the body while major organs begin to shut down. Pretty scary, but this is the type of virus we all have to be cautious of as it continues to spread. Certain airlines have shut down flights to and from this area, and while that’s a great start to containing the disease, there is still a likelihood that it could get out which is why the cause for alarm is so high.


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