Will Smith’s The Legend Of Cain Changed To REDEMPTION Of Cain!

by INN THE BASEMENT on July 13, 2012

Recall the story back from 2010, The Legend of Cain, that would make Will Smith both director and star of the movie? Well, some things have been altered about The Legend of Cain, and according to Deadline, one of those things is the title.

Now, the movie is tentatively titled The Redemption of Cain, therefore, it seems like they are going another route with the movie than previously intended.

From the start of the project, which was a while ago, this Cain movie was going to be derived from the Bible but twisted into vampires. Now, I’m not so sure this is where it will go all because of the word redemption. With Will Smith, one never knows how the movie will play out or if it will be a direct model of the Biblical story, therefore, we will see when it is filmed and ready for trailer.


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