Will Smith Resurrecting I Am Legend With Sequel!

by INN THE BASEMENT on February 20, 2012

In 2007 there was I Am Legend starring Will Smith, and coming soon will be I Am Legend the sequel as Will Smith and Akiva Goldsman are at it again to bring it to pass!

We all saw Will Smith die at the end of the film, and there isn’t much word on if Will will end up surviving on into this sequel, however, there is a possibility as we all know Hollywood and Halloween sequels. Anything is possible when people write their own rules.

Screenplay writer Amash Amel will bring I Am Legend to paper, according to THR, and from there, the movie. There are few people who can pull something like this off again, and Will Smith is one of them outside of the obvious Denzel Washington. My thoughts on this is that, despite it is sequel, the movie will gross just as much as the first and be just as entertaining – especially if Will ends up the star yet again.


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