Who Is Ready For The Third Charm In THE BEST MAN WEDDING…Plus THE PERFECT GUY?

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 18, 2014

Hands down, we all loved The Best Man movie starring all of the actors we love, naming some such as Sanaa Lathan, Morris the Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard and the list scrolls.  The Best Man Holiday released, and although there was less drama, many people enjoyed that sequel as well.  Third time is a charm though, right?  Who is ready for The Best Man Wedding?

Confirmed already and coming forth on April 15th 2016, still written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, THE BEST MAN WEDDING is hopeful to be a flick that moves us not to tears so much as thrill.  The Best Man Holiday was a super movie but enough to make you just cry.  I’ve thrown my wipes away, and I’m looking forward to thrill because we can’t have back to back tissue and sobbing.

It seems that all except Monica Calhoun, who played Mia, should be coming back.  Mia passed away in the last movie, thus the bereavement.  What I want to know is if the director will throw us all a loop of high drama with Morris the Chestnut getting remarried?  Questions right?  Anyway, let’s hope not.  He’s already married in real life, so let the fantasy ride for the single women for a while.

Here’s one thing that everyone may not know about – the upcoming movie titled THE PERFECT GUY – and it stars two of the cast mates from The Best Man – Sanaa Lathan and Morris the Chestnut.  Those two are in a relationship.  Get that!  Now, from the run down of it, the married with child (just had to throw that in there) Michael Ealy is also in the flick as the man that catches Sanaa’s eye after a pretty bad break up.  Turns out that Ealy isn’t her prince charming, but a mad mess of drama from the plain devil in her life aka the enemy.  That’s just the run down.  I’m ready to see this one as I’m into thrillers, so 2015 please hurry.





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