What To Expect From Bad Boys Martin Lawrence And Will Smith In the Near Future!

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 16, 2014

So the news was announced from Martin Lawrence which confirmed all rumors, that Bad Boys 3 is coming to the theaters soon.  For all us Bad Boys lovers, we can expect just as much action and thrill as the previous movies from Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.  I am assuming that Michael Bay will direct this next film as well just because of the way we are all accustomed to the fire, spark and bang that is essential in making Bad Boys what it is today.

Not only should we expect Bay to bring the fire, we expect both actors to bring the humor in the midst of the thrill while one juggles job and family and  the other being the flawless sex object that every woman craves.  Speaking of Will Smith though…

Smith will be filming a movie based of something true indeed that took place years ago in the great state of Louisiana, where I lived for two years of my life.  The name of the flick is called The American Can, and the just of the movie is that Smith will play what we will consider a hero as he attempts to rescue people from the massive flood caused by Hurricane Katrina.  This movie will be very moving to say the least as we all watched or lived through the horrific ordeal that many are still recouping from today.

Aside from that, look for the film Focus as well.  Will Smith discussed this movie, which is now completed, when he was in Argentina.  Parts of this film was done in Louisiana as well and then in Argentina.  Smith described his role as a man who’d grown up in a criminal family with ” no room for love” but then he tries to break apart from that upbringing.  During all this internal struggle, there comes falling in love with a woman while the criminal mind is still at work.  Sounds juicy, so as all Smith movies, it won’t be a let down.


Anyway, take a ride down memory lane.  Poor child.


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