Taken 2 Movie Trailer Starring Liam Neeson Is Released! WATCH!

by INN THE BASEMENT on July 30, 2012

Get all the way out and shut the flippin’ front door because the Taken 2 trailer has just arrived, and Liam Neeson is about to recover 2 of his family members, baby! On the original Taken, Liam Neeson tracked down some human traffickers who yanked his daughter while in Europe.

Now, Neeson’s daughter and wife are getting ready to be snatched for revenge while in Istambul! (I told you to get the flip out and slam it shut) Love this man and this movie already. Kill the lights, watch the trailer.

Taken Dos, baby, Taken Dos!  Two times, boo, two times!  Get the flip out… I’m about to oh… I am too through…etc.


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