Star Of NO GOOD DEED Taraji P Henson Talks Acting With Idris Elba, Refusing To Be Pigeon-Holed, And More!

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 2, 2014

“He gave me alot to be scared of,” are the words of Taraji P. Henson as she spoke about Idris Elba in the upcoming hit movie they both star in titled No Good Deed, set to release on September 12th. Taraji P Henson talks about some things that we may not have known about not only filming the movie, but Idris Elba as an actor himself…being sensitive a person but ready to put in the work upon the word ACTION! He gave her enough for her role to be fierce, and just by my first view of the NO GOOD DEED trailer, I saw exactly what she was talking about. Both are great actors.

Another important aspect of the conversation Taraji had in this interview with Hollywood Today is something that I live by as an author which is “don’t let the industry dictate what you do.” This is how Taraji has maintained her variety on screen, by actually rejecting jobs that she has already done. Just about anywhere in the entertainment industry, people love to categorize others, and if an actor wants to remain limitless, a great rule of thumb is to reach beyond the norm and don’t be repetitive.

In the midst of all the movie talk, Taraji P Henson gets real about the killing of Michael Brown and why it upsets her so much, as it should upset many that a teen was shot down dead for walking down the street unarmed.


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