SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU – A Barack & Michelle Obama Love Story – Coming To The SCREEN!

by INN THE BASEMENT on December 8, 2014

44Raise your hand if you already heard of the love story between President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama coming to the big time screen. When I got the news earlier today, I hit the sofa because the floor was too far down.

Anyway, the gist of it goes like this – Tika Sumpter will play the part of Michelle, but so far, there is no word on who has snagged the role of Barack. There is a title to the flick however, and it is called SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU.

This is going to be epic for obvious reasons – never has there been a black president in the history of America until 2008, and the fact that there is a movie about him and the love of his life who also has her very own crown – THAT IS BEYOND EPIC. Atop that, this president is the very first black president to be re-elected. Shoot, everything is a first this go around, including the fact that Barack has a Caucasian side that absolutely no one seems to pays much attention to…for.some.reason.or.another.   I digress.

The filming of SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU will film in the windy city of Chicago in the great state of Illinois, and of course, when it’s all wrapped up and done, this will go number absolute one at the box office, tv, wherever it lands because it’s the president of the USA. Wait not just the president… It’s President BARACK OBAMA.

Congrats to Tika. She can act her butt off though… Super choice.


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