Something DOPE Is Happening With BACK TO SCHOOL MOM Kimberly Elise, Zoe Kravitz, Pharrell Williams And More

by INN THE BASEMENT on October 6, 2014

Who hasn’t already fallen in love with every single movie that Kimberly Elise is involved in?  Other than Elise’s fabulous acting talent, we have the gifts of Zoe Kravitz, Shameik Moore and even Pharrell Williams as they come together for a 2015 movie titled DOPE.

The scoop is that it’s a comedic film with drama, that follows the lives of different young men and women who are trying to get their lives together while dealing with the terrible outer influences of the down trodden neighborhood which is filled with every type of crime speakable.  What’s so great about this film so far is that Rick Famuyiwa is director and writer, and he is the one that brought us my absolute favorite love story – BROWN SUGAR.  (I watch that bad boy at least three or four times a year).  This director is also responsible for THE WOOD.  He wrote both these screenplays, so I am definitely looking forward to DOPE.

As more becomes available on this flick, I hope to let you know the rest of the deets.  Meanwhile, anticipate because things may be just about wrapping up for this one.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Elise is going back to school in a flick titled BACK TO SCHOOL MOM.  There’s more to it than the title says in a twist.  So picture this…she’s back in school, college that is, when she ends up friends with her flesh and blood son that she happened to give up a long time ago, sometime in her early twenties.  Of course, this is a drama that needs to be fed some attention from me because I know Kimberly Elise will turn it out.  This is one of those heartfelt movies that she fills well.  Anyway, Denzel Whitaker (not Washington) is more than likely that son she gave up because of the cast- Loretta Devine, Rick Fox etc.) he is the youngest.

You know Denzel Whitaker from the movie THE GREAT DEBATERS where he played with THE EQUALIZER‘S Denzel Washington.  Whitaker has mad skills in front of the camera, so be prepared for another great movie.  From what I could tell by The Great Debaters, he’s a show stopper too in dramas.

By the way, I almost forgot to mention that there is word of Pharrell Williams doing the music for DOPE…and doesn’t that make you HAPPY?


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