Sneak Peek – Jordin Sparks And Whitney Houston In Movie Sparkle!

by INN THE BASEMENT on January 21, 2012

This movie is going to be hot. Why? Because who doesn’t want to see Whitney Houston doing the one thing we all know that she was meant to to in this life – entertain. After the jump is another look into Sparkle with a shot of Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston, and from what they are wearing to how they are staring off into the distance at the stars, truly sparkles.


Obviously, Jordin Sparks looks fabulous in the dress as she is proud of her new look with the weight loss and Whitney looks healthy, well and ready to not make this a one time deal.  Whitney appears like she is back to stay, so we all pray that this is what it is.

Sparkle makes it to theaters on August 10th.  Last year, Whitney and Jordin did a sit down on set interview to discuss how well they work together and gave each other really positive comments, showing how much they respect one another. The good chemistry should make for a great film.


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