Sanaa Lathan & Morris Chestnut Give Us Some #SETLIFE From Upcoming Flick THE PERFECT GUY!

by INN THE BASEMENT on August 25, 2014

Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut“The Perfect Guy??? Hmm… We shall see…. #LeahandDave #setlife #ThePerfectGuyMovie #morrischestnut #michaelealy”

is the message shared with all from Sanaa Lathan’s facebook page as she poses with Morris the Chestnut for their upcoming movie THE PERFECT GUY, also starring Michael Ealy. Check out my write up about it here.  These two actors are known to make things pop off in a great way for audiences when they are on set, and topped off with Michael Ealy, THE PERFECT GUY, is a future success.

Good to see them on set in a constant flow of work.  Loves them.  By the way, Sanaa Lathan is also caught up in another upcoming drama titled Ad Inexplorata written and directed by Mark Elijah Rosenburg.  It’s an independent space exploration film where Sanaa plays Captain Emily Maddox.  The gist of the film is an astronaut preparing for a trip into space, headed for Mars.  This is very different for her as I’m used to seeing her in romantic/ relationship roles, and the variation is what makes me want to see her in this flick.  Interesting.



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