Rihanna’s Aiming At Another Sheriff, This Time In A Movie!

by INN THE BASEMENT on September 24, 2014

We all know or have heard the track Man Down by the singer Rihanna, haven’t we? Well, the track was supposedly inspired as the answer to Bob Marley’s I Shot The Sheriff. Recall the controversial Man Down music video that I personally thought was artistically brilliant despite it causing such an uproar amongst some in the masses?

Since we know how she portrayed the woman in Man Down when she shot down her attacker, I wonder what Rihanna’s role may be in the rumored part for the upcoming flick WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF? where she will act with such veterans in the game such Rosario Dawson, Terrence Howard and even Vanessa Williams, including the rumored funny man that we all love to laugh at – Kevin Hart.

I don’t see where it’s in stone as of yet for Rihanna to be a part of the cast, but it’s just rumored. Therefore, let’s cross our fingers to see just how much Rihanna will have in the flick and how much she’s grown in acting since the biggest debut of her life on screen with BATTLESHIP.


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