by INN THE BASEMENT on December 3, 2014

So, I was supposed to tell you all about this yesterday, but my mind got muddled and my body got super busy…

Kerry Washington won me over with her acting skills a long time ago, however, most people in the world know her by the hit television series SCANDAL where she plays the mistress to the president of the United States of America while being Ms. Fix It to everything governmental and relationship-al (I know that isn’t a word…give me the benefit of that doubt thing) that falls apart.

Well, turns out that Kerry Washington will star with Kate Hudson (another favorite actor of mine) in an upcoming movie titled UNFORGETTABLE, and this is a double female lead! Yaass!! Another thing that’s fantastic about this upcoming flick is that director Amma Asante is behind it with the script, according to Deadline, being brought to us by Christina Hodson.

So, what do we expect from this particular flick with two female leads? Drama, of course. Turns out that the flick is about a ex-wife that can’t detach from her ex-husband so she is going ballistic on the new wife. Sound real to you? It’s sounds really real to me, and since it’s such a get-a-life-with-your-crazy-self flick, I’m all in. (By now, you should already know that I don’t write about what doth not interest me tahtall). I hear this is a real THRILLER, and that makes me tingle at the neck.

Put this movie on your HIT LIST because it will be a HIT AND NOT MISS.



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